The Gaynor Davies Show

Orright del? Have you heard Radio Cymru on Saturday afternoons lately? Its good y’ know. Yeah, I knows it’s a Welsh station, but don’t let that put you off. Its for people like you an’ me, not them bloody Nashies and eisteddfod types, like. And its made in Bangor, aye, not bloody Cardiff this Cardiff that. It’s on in the background when I’m poching in kitchen or worrever. Last week right, they had this girl from Felinheli - they're always from Felinheli - talking about Kylie and Joan Collins and health and beauty tips in the Daily Mail magazine, and this camp bloke choosing songs from West End musicals. In English, mind, not translated nonsense. He's got good taste! There’s a few tunes from Bryn Vaughan and Elin Fleur, but not much. This Elin says she's gonna try an’ make a name for herself in English now. Fair play eh? Who’s presenting you said? Gaynor Davies, Llandudno girl, some big cheese at S4C apparently, but speaks normal like you and me, you know? When’s it on you said? Three til six, Saturday. Ideal before heading out to town, del!

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